BridgeGaps announces a DAO partnership with YC W21 backed QuestBook

September 28, 2021

BridgeGaps is proud to announce our DAO partnership with QuestBook. The official learning destination on and YC W21 backed organization, QuestBook is a leading decentralized university that offers high-quality Web3 tutorials for free. With the foundation of common goals, BridgeGaps and QuestBook will strive to work towards supporting and influencing the evolution of blockchain and crypto industries. 

Both BridgeGaps and QuestBook believe in the ethos of the blockchain and crypto industry and hence decided to create a DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in order to work together.

What to look forward to in this DAO partnership?

While QuestBook is building a community of hardcore blockchain and crypto developers whose skills are constantly being challenged and polished via the periodic quests being held by the firm, BridgeGaps will serve as their hiring partners and will take up the opportunity to match these competent developers to the right organizations. Right from profiling of the candidates and interview scheduling to offer roll-out and everything in between for the recruitment cycle will be taken care by BridgeGaps. 

This partnership is bound to organically Bridge talent Gaps in the blockchain and crypto industry, hence helping both the organizations to extend massive support and influence this industry. 

Overview of BridgeGaps: 

BridgeGaps is a recruitment firm that aims to bridge the talent gaps by solely focusing on specialized hiring for the blockchain and the crypto industry. We see ourselves to be the go-to recruitment firm for exponentially growing organizations that want to Bridge the Gap of the blockchain and crypto talent in their firm. We also intend to be a backbone for developers who would want to climb the career ladder in the blockchain and crypto industry. 

Work with us!

BridgeGaps is extremely excited about the opportunity to support the blockchain and crypto community by bridging the talent gaps in organizations with our personal database of high-quality talent.

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