Introducing BridgeGaps - A Recruitment Firm Solely For BlockChain And Crypto Technologies

September 26, 2021

The blockchain and the crypto industry is one of the most trending sectors in existence. An article titled, “Bitcoin is so 2013: Dogecoin is the new cryptocurrency on the block” was our first introduction to this exponentially growing industry. Since then, we have had the opportunity and the intent to deep dive into this massive tech world via various means. Investing in Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies, minting NFTs, and creating a DAO with QuestBook(The official learning destination on and a YC W21 backed decentralized University​ where you do not just learn web3 for free but also earn crypto & NFTs on the way) are just some of the many things we went on to do in an attempt to understand the ins and outs of the blockchain and crypto world. 

However, during our research one major bottleneck we found was that there is a major talent gap that needs to be fulfilled for this industry to reach its full potential. While there are tons of organizations that are hiring and are in dire need of blockchain and crypto developers, the means to find (or should we say, ‘mine’!!) these developers are extremely limited. 

As the industry continues to tread on the path of evolution and maturity, so does our intent to support it. This ambition of ours led to the birth of - BRIDGEGAPS!!

BridgeGaps is a recruitment firm that aims to bridge the talent gaps by solely focusing on specialized hiring for the blockchain and the crypto industry. We see ourselves to be the go-to recruitment firm for exponentially growing organizations that want to Bridge the Gap of the blockchain and crypto talent in their firm. We also intend to be a backbone for developers who would want to climb the career ladder in the blockchain and crypto industry. 

And thus, our ambition to support and influence the blockchain and crypto industry will be met. 

Why BridgeGaps?

The founding team of BridgeGaps has had a strong foothold for years in the technology, marketing, and the human resource industry. This experience helps us understand and appreciate the challenges faced by both - the organisations who are looking for the right talent and candidates who are looking for the right career opportunities. 

While this previous experience does help us in our decision-making, what sets BridgeGaps apart is our collaboration with QuestBook. A YC-W21 backed startup, Questbook is a decentralized university listed as the official learning destination on These hardcore crypto-developers participate in courses and hackathons to compete in order to gain recognition, opportunities, and support this industry. While this partnership helps us in our reach to these certified developers, we also have strong and constantly evolving marketing strategies in place to amplify our reach in order to find competent developers across the globe. 

Hence, it is our organic reach within the blockchain and crypto community that gives BridgeGaps an exponential edge over any other firm in the same space.

Work with us!

BridgeGaps is extremely excited about the opportunity to support the blockchain and crypto community by bridging the talent gaps in organisations with our personal database of high-quality talent.

Write to or check out our contact us page and book a calendar slot directly!

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